Champions Tennis Tour was created with the intention of having competitive matches for Juniors, Adults and Professional players. We hold our own Ranking which qualifies players to play in our Master Cup at the end of the year. In our tournaments, coaching is allowed on changeovers without interfering with the flow of the match Also, Actions Pictures is what separates us from other UTR Tournaments. We have a professional photographer taking pictures of all the tennis players during there matches. We are a TOUR! We play in different locations and as we grow we will be expanding to all over Texas and soon around the globe.
  • Gender doesn't matter but only your UTR level.
  • Coaching is allowed in changeovers.
  • Action Pictures 
  • Ranking
  • Prize Money
Entry Fees:
$65 Singles & $32.5 Doubles per player
Prize Money is determined by total registrants
16 - 48 Players
Level 1: $300 winner, $175 Runner Up & $50 Back Draw Winner
Level 2 and Below: $100 for Winner
Doubles: $150 Winner $50 Runner Up
48 - 64 Players
Level 1: $400 winner, $225 Runner Up & $50 Back Draw Winner Level 2 and Below: $100 for Winner
Doubles: $175 Winner $75 Runner Up
64 Players and Above
Level 1 $700 winner, $350 Runner Up & $100 Back Draw Winner Level 2 and Below: $100 for Winner  
Doubles: $200 Winner & $75 Runner Up
Draws and Rules
Player's UTR will be used when selecting players for the Tournament and/or Division/Draw. Seeding is based on the player's UTR. All Draws will be a compass draw format of 8 players each! We will play two out of three sets with a Super Tiebreaker to decide the final set if split. Doubles will be a single set to 6 games for all rounds
No shows: Players that don't show up without notifying us will be penalized with a loss and 2/6 score. If you desire to withdraw from an event you will have to contact us at ctt@champstennistour.com 24 hours before the registration deadline in order to get refunded. Events with less than 64 players will be draws of 8 players. Events of 64 players and over will be draws of 16 for level 1 and 2.

Our purpose is to provide world-class training to players looking for a career in college, ATP or WTA. We are committed to developing not only the shots and the tennis skills but also the mental endurance and focus of our players. We help our players develop an adequate tournament schedule for whatever their goal might be. If College or Pro tennis is their main focus, we will help them as much as we possibly can to find a program that suits them the best.  


We are Team HEAD. We´re a family. and these are our brothers and sisters.
Our future will be paved by those who give everything they´ve got.
By those who can´t help but push their limits. And by those who want it the most. Because we don´t just play tennis; we live it. During all hours of the day. Everywhere we go. We believe in hard work and dedication. Without exception. And when we feel like giving up. That´s when we push harder.
Because this isn´t just a game to us. It´s our life. HEAD Players: Novak Djokovic, Richard Gasquet, Andy Murray, Alexander Zverev, Maria Sharapova, Sloane Stephens,  Ashleigh Barty,


UTR is a rating system that provides a single, unifying language and standard for tennis players across ages, geography, gender and economics. It’s an algorithm-based system for tennis that allows anyone to identify, measure, track and develop the level of a player. The UTR system is powered by over 7 million match results, across 700 thousand players in over 200 countries.

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