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Train insane or remain the same. qualify for free training in one of the most competitive academy in Texas!

Our purpose is to provide world-class training to players looking for a career in college, ATP or WTA. We are committed to developing not only the shots and the tennis skills but also the mental endurance and focus of our players

Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy

Owner Sammy Giammalva, is a former tennis pro ranked 30 in the world by the age of 18. After attending Rice University and getting married, Sammy worked as tennis director for five years. However, he desired to have an encouraging atmosphere where friends and family could come together for one common purpose, tennis. That’s when Sammy decided to open his own racquet club in March 2000, where he and the entire Giammalva staff have provided a fun, social, and active environment.

In 2011 Victor took the responsibility of directing a tennis academy with Sammy Giammalva. It’s then when Giammalva Elite Tennis Academy came alive. Their only purpose was to help young kids develop a high-performance level in tennis and life. During this past year of directing the academy, he has helped many players find full rides in NCAA, NAIA, and develop players to be highly ranked internationally and nationally. His consistency and dedication go beyond the academy where he still collaborates with USTA Texas and TEAM USA in multiple camps, nationally and regionally. Victor was also the USTA captain in the team competitions for 14’s and 16s while recently named World Team Tennis Captain in 2018. Victor believes that every player is a personal project and he truly thrives to achieve every kid’s dream and goals. Currently, he is working with Haddy Habib 900ATP, Alexander Frusina number 10 in the USA and Emma Staler 700 ITF.



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